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The Original Vegetarian Dog Cookie

"A Pioneer in Wheat Free Vegetable Based Dog Treats!"

Henry & Sons knows that you love your dog. We understand that you try to do your very best for your best friend by providing a healthy diet, regular exercise and good veterinarian care. But did you know that you could be compromising your pet's health with the treats that you choose?

All dog treats are NOT created equal! While many dog treats may appeal to your pet's taste buds, the majority of dog treats contain:

•      Little to no nutritional value
•      Empty excess calories
•      Artificial colorants and flavors
•      Ingredients which can contribute to dental disease, excess weight or trigger allergic reactions
•      Potentially harmful ingredients that could shorten the life of your pet

What you don't know can hurt your dog!

Henry & Sons Original Vegetarian Cookies NEVER contain:

•      Meat, Chicken, Pork or Fish
•      Lard
•      Animal by-products
•      Anything artificial GMO ingredients
•      Added salt
•      Wheat, corn or soy
•      Chemical preservatives

We NEVER Compromise on quality!


The finest restaurant quality carrots, apples and sweet potatoes hand-selected for bright color, ripeness and fragrance revealing proof of active flavonoids and Betacarotene

Fresh grounded peanut butter - with no added salt, sugars or hydrogenated oil!

Superfoods like grapeseed oil, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, rosemary extract, and flaxseed

Premium Grade AA ingredients - guaranteed connoisseur human quality!

Certified Vitamin A and nutritional analysis for every cookie variety

Live well. Laugh often. Love much.

And treat your dog to field-fresh nutrition with Henry & Sons!

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“New Favorite Dog Treat ...All our test dogs loved them”

Whole Dog Journal 2003

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